Our company cares about the environment and the community. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and our carbon footprint. To do this, we have recently become part of a program called ecobase Certified. As a member of the ecobase Certified program, we have committed to measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. Our long-term goal is to eliminate as much of our carbon footprint as possible through projects that reduce our consumption of energy, fuel, water and waste. By improving how our business operates, we are creating a healthier environment, stronger community and taking action on global climate change.

The program is simple and extremely effective, and doesn’t cost a penny. To achieve our goal, we are collecting a small 1% eco fee from our customers to help us invest in projects that directly reduce our carbon footprint. Instead of simply becoming carbon neutral by buying offsets, we will now be able to reduce our carbon footprint to as little as possible, and then have the option to become ?carbon neutral? in the future.

The 1% eco-fee charged on each room night becomes our company’s eco fund.

Each month, we input our utility data into ecobase’s Carbon Management Software and remit our eco fees. Then, based on ecobase’s recommendations, we will implement approved projects that can measurably reduce our carbon footprint.

So far, we have implemented these green initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Highly efficient LED lighting throughout the hotel
  • Low flush toilets and low flow shower heads and faucet aerators
  • Washable service ware for breakfast
  • Highly efficient heating and cooling system

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